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Monarchy Music Group is a company that has been created to assist business owners with identifying potential obstacles within their specific venues and to find cost effective solutions to bring their businesses the success they expect to achieve.  In addition to the many business services we provide, we take pride in our expertise in music programming.  Music is one element that is often overlooked and we believe that selecting the right music is every bit as important as selecting paint schemes, furniture, and lighting.  Music is what brings all of the elements to your business to life.

We're in the business of ensuring your entertainment venue absolute success.  Most venues have an area or two that need some attention. Often, these problem areas cost your operation thousands or even millions of dollars each year. We will help you identify and resolve any problem you may have, professionally and efficiently.

At Monarchy Music Group, we understand that there are many solutions to a problem and if there is ever something that we may not be able to resolve in-house, we will help you find a solution through our many qualified partners in our network.

When you retain Monarchy Music Group as your consultant, we are your advocates.  We are there every step of the way to assist you with vendors, contractors, or any other key elements revolving in and around your business.  We want to be sure that you, our client, are not paying for unnecessary goods and services and to be sure that you are getting exactly what you want at a fair price.  We are there for you to protect your interest because at Monarchy Music Group, your interest is our business.


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